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Restaurant Cleaning

The Golden Standard Enterprises professional janitorial team is here to provide you with the best restaurant cleaning experience in the industry, ensuring both the dining and kitchen areas will be clean, fresh and ready for the next day. 


We will provide your chefs and cooks with a clean and sanitized kitchen while making sure that your guests are welcomed to an immaculate dining area. Your team will be happy to work in such a clean environment and your guests will be delighted with the cleanliness of their dining experience.  Let Golden Standard Enterprises help you to ensure that your guests will return again and again!

We invite you to learn more about our professional restaurant cleaning services. 

Our All-Inclusive restaurant touchpoints:

  • Entryways
  • Hostess stand
  • Tables and chairs.  This includes seats and backs of chairs
  • Waiting areas
  • Restroom doors inside and out
  • Restroom service includes flush handles/buttons, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, toilet seats, grab bars, sink handles and sanitary disposal bins
  • Kitchen horizontal surfaces and splash guards
  • Equipment handles
  • Soda guns/handles
  • TV remotes 
  • Cooler and freezer doors and handles
  • Phone equipment including headsets and keypads
  • Cleaning equipment including bus tubs, broom/vacuum handles, wet-alert signs
  • Emergency/egress doors and handles
  • Shared baskets for condiments or snacks
  • Hat racks and coat hangers

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