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Professional Office and Building Cleaning

Believe it or not, office areas, including desks and equipment, are significantly more dirty than bathrooms.  So it is vital to provide a clean environment for your employees as this will help you to reduce the likelihood of sick-leave.


By implementing an office cleaning service program you will prevent germs from spreading and will serve to better protect your team!  Your employees are your number one asset.  Let’s work together to prioritize their safety!


As a business owner, property or facilities manager, you invest significantly in your facilities as well. 

The cleanliness and upkeep of your facility is a key aspect of the overall appearance and staff or client experience.   We will customize a cleaning program to keep your building or office program looking healthy as well while keeping a steady eye on your budget.  Our cleaning programs will serve to enhance the value of your facility.  


We are the trusted, locally-owned leader for office and building cleaning services in northeast and central Ohio. 

Let us focus on cleaning your space while you focus on growing your business.  Give us a call at 440-641-0896 to learn more about our services and to receive a free consultation and walk-thru.  We will design a plan for you that meets your needs and fits your budget.


What sets us apart from our competitors? 

We offer the most robust Quality Assurance program in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.  Our Quality Assurance professionals will complete a thorough inspection of the cleanliness of your building or office.  During this inspection we will:

  • Check all of the nooks-and-crannies.  Every spot we are accountable for cleaning will be carefully inspected
  • Confirm we have properly executed the agreed-upon scope of work
  • Take pictures and document areas requiring improvement
  • Evaluate and score card our professional cleaners 
  • Review results with you and implement action plans if necessary

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