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September 2022 Letter

September is here! September is a month of transition. The season of summer is coming to an end, the kids are going back to school, football season begins, and our lives all shift a little bit. One of the reasons I love living in Cleveland is the fact that we have all the seasons. I believe there is beauty in change; although it can be challenging at times, it gives way to new growth and opportunities.

At Golden Standard, we are experiencing our own bit of transition. Our longest-tenured manager Kris Soja has moved on from the company. As an owner, I never want to see anyone leave, but I also realize that change is often necessary and creates beautiful opportunities. I’m very grateful for Kris and all he did for Golden Standard over the past nearly 7 years and I’m cheering him and his family on in their next season of life. One of the most important values of the company is “Honoring Others”. This is a choice we make with every new person coming in and celebrating others as they transition on. Whether you work with Golden Standard for a few months or many years my heart is that you experience growth, find significance, and feel celebrated.

With that said, Kris transitioning out it created an opportunity to bring someone new to the role. In fact, we have added two new managers over the past few months in Janet Smith and Jeremy Armstrong. Both bring a lot of passion to their roles and whole heartily share the company’s values. Please give them a warm welcome as they serve both you and our customers. Welcome, Janet and Jeremy to the GSE Family!

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