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July 2022 Letter

Happy Summer Everyone! I hope you have had the opportunity over the past month to enjoy this wonderful weather and make new memories with family and friends. As far as cleaning goes, we’ve gone from dealing with salt everywhere to now focusing on staying cool and hydrated while we work. Every season brings both beauty and challenges, but what gives me hope, no matter the season, are the opportunities that I have everyday. The greatest opportunity we have is our time and how we spend it. Whether you are working part time or 80 hours a week, we all have choices everyday of how to spend our extra time.

One exercise that I did a few years ago that really hallenged me was I made a list of all the experiences, interests and people that were important to me and then I asked myself if I was happy with the amount of time I set aside for each of them. It shocked me how much time I spent on things that weren’t important and in some cases actually brought stress and anxiety into my life. One of my mentors once told me that I could never change something that I don’t measure. The reality is, I didn’t make changes until I started thinking about time and the choices I had. My question for you is “Who in your life is important to you?” “What is a life-giving hobby or interest you enjoy?” “What inspires you?” And how can you begin to make space for these things?

Where does Golden Standard play into all this? My hope is that you can find purpose and enjoyment in your work and at the very least it can be a vehicle to allow you to experience your relationships and interests to the full. My desire is for this company to nurture growth and significance in your life so that you can truly thrive.

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