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December 2022 Letter

The holiday season is upon us. Depending on your perspective, this could either be your favorite time of year or a time that reminds you of things that if your honest, you would rather forget. Maybe this season reminds you of the loss of a loved one, a history of abuse, or just brings up memories that are not so positive. One things for sure, no matter your perspective, this time of year can bring a sense of stress and anxiety. At Golden Standard our heart is to honor you no matter where you’re at. What this means is we choose to embrace Empathy. It’s very easy to judge someone until you are willing to learn their story.

For many years of my life I projected my perspective on others and made many assumptions. Unless I personally experienced a challenge someone was going through, it was hard for me to relate to them. That all began to change for me when I decided to mentor a young man in foster care. Michael was a perfect example of a kid you could easily judge, but once I learned his story my heart began to brake. The experience made me wonder how many people I encounter everyday that if I truly understood where they were coming I would treat differently with honor, love, and empathy.

This can only happen if we make a conscious choice to not judge others and take the time to understand and honor their story. The beauty of this mindset is that it allows you to learn, grow, and create lasting memories and meaningful relationships. During this holiday season I ask that you take the time to listen to others and embrace empathy. This means you may morn with those who are hurting and experiencing challenges and celebrate with those that are looking for community and love. Whatever the case, I pray that it’s your most meaningful holiday season yet

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