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Golden Standard Enterprises is a solutions-based janitorial service company committed to exceeding your expectations. We believe in doing a job right the first time! No shortcuts! You expect results — we deliver them! We set high standards for our team and believe strongly in our core values:


Seek Personal Growth
TReat Others with Honor
Enjoy the Journey
Thrive in the Uncomfortable
CHoose to Live Above the Line

Our goal is to provide a menu of competitively-priced services tailored to meet your high standards in order to keep your facility clean and safe. In this challenging period of time it is vital that we partner together proactively to keep your customers and employees safe through proper cleaning and disinfecting.

We are a family-owned company with over 16 years of experience, servicing both northeast and central (Columbus) Ohio. Please afford us an opportunity to gain your trust! We will work to keep it every day!

Culture – Golden Standard Enterprises isn’t like every other cleaning company. It is our culture that sets us apart from the competition. Our entire hiring process at all levels of the company is focused on a cultural fit that emphasizes treating one another with honor, choosing to live about the line and striving for personal and professional excellence. We enjoy each other and enjoy what we do

We are client-centric. What does that mean to you? Our shared cultural beliefs are applied to everything we do for you — honoring your expectations, striving for excellence in the cleaning of your facility and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards possible in the professional janitorial industry. We believe in doing the job right the first time!

Not every cleaner is culturally-built like the Golden Standard Enterprises team. The best in every industry are usually defined by the success and integration of their culture. We encourage you to call us at 440-641-0896 and let us demonstrate to you how our culture sets us apart from our competitors.

      Our Leadership Team


      • Keith Tousley
        Founder and President
        Keith Tousley
        Founder and President

        Owning Golden Standard is one of the single greatest honors in my life.  Over the years I've come to realize that what brings true fulfilment is not growth in sales, but growth in our mission to touch people's lives in a positive way.  In this way I don't view myself as an owner, but as someone who is stewarding an organization that is nurturing growth and significance in others.  My relentless focus is to bring value to both our customers and our staff in order to create long lasting meaningful relationships.  This is the true joy of my life!

        Thank you,

        Keith Tousley

      • Brian Lynner
        Director of Operations
        Brian Lynner
        Director of Operations

        Brian serves as the Director of Operations for the Golden Standard Enterprises team.  New to the team, Brian is responsible for strategic planning, process enhancement and in full support of all customer service initiatives.  He was previously the Vice President of Operations for CLS Facility Services and has over 26 years of facility management experience.  Brian is married to his wife, Stacey, and together they have three children.

      • Kris Soja
        Operations Manager
        Kris Soja
        Operations Manager

        Kris Soja has been with Golden Standard since 2016 as the Operations Manager, and has 15 years of project and operations management experience. He has been responsible for ensuring the delivery of services to our clients throughout NE Ohio, overseeing key accounts and assisting in oversight of the financial aspects of the company.  Kris lives in Medina with his wife and children on their farm, and enjoys playing sports in his free time.

      • Brittany McCune
        Account Manager
        Brittany McCune
        Account Manager

        Brittany has served Golden Standard Enterprises initially as Quality Assurance  and was quickly promoted to an Account Manager position.  Brittany manages dozens of key clients for the team and works closely with most of our cleaners and contractors.  She enjoys the culture that exists throughout the company and is looking forward to continued growth for herself and Golden Standard Enterprises.

      • Rob Starek
        Recruitment Manager and Account Manager
        Rob Starek
        Recruitment Manager and Account Manager

        Rob serves as both an Account Manager and Recruitment Manager.  He has over 20 years of customer interfacing and relationship building experience. Rob works closely with our Chief Culture Officer (CCO) to ensure that the culture of Golden Standard continues to thrive in all aspects of the company. Rob is married to his wife of 15 years and has 2 daughters and 2 dogs. ServantLeadership plays a key role in what Rob does both professionally and personally. “Organizations exist to serve. Period. Leaders live to serve. Period.” — Tom Peters

      • Penny L. Miller
        Office Manager
        Penny L. Miller
        Office Manager

        Above and beyond anything else, providing top-notch customer service has always been an integral part in a day’s work for Penny. Employing her superb organizational skills, she ensures that each of GSE's office procedures are executed correctly, seamlessly, and most of all, quickly.

        Prior to joining the GSE team, Penny managed a weight loss clinic and felt rewarded helping others reach their health goals. Once GSE welcomed her into their family-like environment, it did not take long for her to realize that they share the same common goal of treating each customer equally while providing excellent service.

        Penny has been a lifelong resident of Ohio, but also has a piece of her heart in North Carolina, where she has many family members. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the beautiful Metroparks, hiking, fishing, and painting landscapes.

      • Celena Tousley
        Chief Culture Officer
        Celena Tousley
        Chief Culture Officer

        In this role I am excited to nurture a culture of creativity and community within Golden Standard Enterprises.  I love to bring people together and build a healthy and safe atmosphere where individuals and teams can thrive. I enjoy working as a liaison between team members and management to enhance relationships and ensure we are all honoring our core set of values. It is empowering that we provide a place where we encourage those when we are working hard, celebrate what we are doing, and bless the families that are a part of Golden Standard. I look forward to creating more avenues of growth and fun for our team and families!

      • Cheryl Vitko
        Account Manager
        Cheryl Vitko
        Account Manager

        Cheryl is proud mother of 4 children- Collin, Baileah, Stephan and Aria. She resides in North Ridgeville with her husband and children. She has been in the janitorial industry for 22 years and has extensive knowledge in medical environmental services. She also practices massage and hot stone therapy. She enjoys cooking with her family and entertaining friends. When it's time for relaxation you'll find her in front of her easel with her favorite oil pastels or paints.

      • Earnestine Smith
        Quality Assurance
        Earnestine Smith
        Quality Assurance

        Tina has served as an Account Manager, Quality Assurance and cleaner for Golden Standard Enterprises.    She has enjoyed the field of cleaning for over 30 years. In 1980 Tina graduated from Southern Junior College of Business, Birmingham Alabama, with an Associate Degree in Office Administration. Tina is the eighth of nine children, the mother of two and the grandmother of one.  In her free time, she enjoys working out, singing and creating silk floral arrangements!

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